Rent Storage

Rent a storage unit online today! Just browse our available units below and then hit the “rent now” button. This will walk you through a 3-step process where you:

1. Create your account and agree to the terms.
2. Enter your billing information.
3. Review and confirm the rental information.

Once you have completed these steps you will be emailed some instructions on moving in and a gate access code. Please contact us with any questions at 931-801-8349. After 4P, contact 931-801-5796.
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5x10 (5.0x10.0x9.0)

$35 / month

5x10 Heated (5.0x10.0x9.0)

Heated Unit

$44 / month

9x10 (9.0x10.0x9.0)

$50 / month

9x10 Heated (9.0x10.0x9.0)

Heated Unit

$62 / month

Waiting List

10x10 (10.0x10.0x9.0)

$55 / month

10x10 Heated (10.0x10.0x9.0)

Heated Unit

$55 / month

10x15 (10.0x15.0x9.0)

$69 / month

Waiting List

10x20 (10.0x20.0x9.0)

$79 / month

10x20 Heated (10.0x20.0x9.0)

Heated Unit

$92 / month

10x25 (10.0x25.0x9.0)

$99 / month

Waiting List

10x25 Heated (10.0x25.0x9.0)

Heated Unit

$109 / month

40x40 (40.0x40.0x12.0)

$750 / month

Waiting List